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Some examples of fixing duplicates are identifying and removing duplicates in yellow pages directory listings and online product catalog entries.

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Examples of verifying details include checking restaurant details e. Diversification and scale of personnel of Mechanical Turk allow collecting an amount of information that would be difficult outside of a crowd platform.

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Mechanical Turk allows Requesters to amass a large number of responses to various types of surveys, from basic demographics to academic research. Other uses include writing comments, descriptions and blog entries to websites and searching data elements or specific fields in large government and legal documents.

Companies use Mechanical Turk's crowd labor to understand and respond to different types of data. Common uses include editing and transcription of podcasts, translation, and matching search engine results. The validity of research conducted with the Mechanical Turk worker pool has been questioned. It is unclear whether Mechanical Turk uses fiscal, political, or educational limiters in their selection process.

This may invalidate any surveys or research done using the Mechanical Turk worker pool.

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Mechanical Turk has been widely criticized for its interactions with and use of labour. Computer scientist Jaron Lanier notes how the design of Mechanical Turk "allows you to think of the people as software components" that conjures "a sense of magic, as if you can just pluck results out of the cloud at an incredibly low cost". A Pew Research study found that a quarter of online "gig workers" like those who work on Mechanical Turk do so because there are limited employment opportunities where they live.

Because tasks are typically simple and repetitive and users are paid often only a few cents to complete them, some have criticized Mechanical Turk for exploiting and not compensating workers for the true value of the task they complete.

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The market for tasks is competitive and for some these tasks are their only available form of employment, particularly for the less educated. Because of the need to provide for themselves and a lack of other opportunities, many workers accept the low compensation for the completion of tasks.

A study of 3. Since these workers are considered independent contractors, they are not protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act that guarantees minimum wage.

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By , the increasing number of workers competing on the site reduced the total amount of work available. As workers search for tasks, they do not receive compensation nor do they receive additional compensation if a task takes longer than estimated by the requester. The Nation magazine said in that some Requesters had taken advantage of Workers by having them do the tasks, then rejecting their submissions in order to avoid paying them. In the Facebook—Cambridge Analytica data scandal , Mechanical Turk was one of the means of covertly gathering private information for a massive database.

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The survey task, as a work for hire, was not used for a demographic or psychological research project as it might have seemed. The purpose was instead to bait the worker to reveal personal information about the worker's identity that was not already collected by Facebook or Mechanical Turk. Others have criticized that the marketplace does not have the ability for the workers to negotiate with the employers.

In response to the growing criticisms of payment evasion and lack of representation, a group has developed a third party platform called Turkopticon which allows workers to give feedback on their employers allowing other users to avoid potentially shady jobs and to recommend superior employers. Amazon has installed updates that prevent plugins that identify high quality human intelligence tasks from functioning on the website. MTurk is comparable in some respects to the now discontinued Google Answers service.

However, the Mechanical Turk is a more general marketplace that can potentially help distribute any kind of work tasks all over the world. The Collaborative Human Interpreter CHI by Philipp Lenssen also suggested using distributed human intelligence to help computer programs perform tasks that computers cannot do well. MTurk could be used as the execution engine for the CHI.

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