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All of his belongings were conditioned fixed and stored along with his body.

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Some researchers believe that Otzi was a shepherd due to the environment surrounding his body. Others believe he was a warrior or hunter due to the projectile point found in his back. The truth is the world may never know exactly what the Ice man did for a living. According to research conducted by David Getz Otzi was most likely a warrior.

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The iceman has a deep cut on one of his hands and a projectile point in his back both suggesting a conflict before death. The wounds Otzi had sustained had not yet begun to heal meaning he did not live long after the fight. In addition to puncture wounds the ice man had sustained blunt force trauma to the head.

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This suggests that Otzi comes from wealth, copper was rare and valuable at the time David, Copper tools were often traded or passed down through generations and, only important people had them. He also carried some daggers for self-defense and tool sharpening. The tool sharpener was made of deer antler with a wooden handle, it resembled a fat pencil.

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  6. The flint knife was about 5 inches 13 centimeters long David, He held it in a bark-cord sheath on his belt. For hunting Otzi used a longbow with flint head arrows. His bow was found unfinished with two arrows both broken suggesting he may have come from a fight. Some non-lethal tools the ice man carried were a birch bark container and a fanny pack. The bark container would have been used to carry glowing embers to start a fire later. The fanny pack most likely contained various fire-starting items David, Of all his clothes only one shoe survived the decades in ice.

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    Otzi wore deer hide shoes with a bearskin hide which is waterproof he even filled them with grass for warmth. Otzi also incorporated twisted grass socks to hold the stuffed grass in place. Otzi was clothed from head to toe, he wore layers to stay warm and utilized animal hides and grass to make his outfit water proof. Scientists could determine what Otzi ate the day he died. In the sample, they found bits of a grain called einkorn. The einkorn had been ground up and had bits of charcoal in it. That means it had probably been baked into a cracker like bread, not cooked as porridge or eaten raw David, It would have been between march and June since there was pollen from the hop hornbeam tree which only grown in warm valleys south of the alps.

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    Before he died he ate another meal, which included red deer and inore grains. The quality and variety of the meat he ate suggest that Otzi was an experienced hunter David, Theories suggest Otzi may have been ambushed while hunting.

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    7. A limited time offer! Get a custom sample essay written according to your requirements urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now. Their relationship was established by DNA analysis by scientists at the forensic laboratory at Innsbruck Medical College. These people were not talking about contact with Oetzi. DNA examination from Tyrol 's blood donor.

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      He is the oldest natural human mummy in Europe and offers an unprecedented European perspective. Mummies are now known as Iceman Oz. Otzi was excavated by local governments and handed over to scientific and archaeological communities. During the removal process, the waist part of Otzi was damaged and his arm injured during transportation. In spite of these recessions, scientists can return Icemen to the UK for exhibition and research David, Now that the mummy calms down, scientists have a lot of questions to answer.