Thesis on construction industry in nigeria

Whereas, out of 21 effects from poor communication, it was found that highly repeated effect is time overrun. These findings will serve a good platform for further investigation on the relevancy of causes and effects to the local construction practitioners. Kazi, A. IGI Global. Abd El-Razek, M. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 11 , University of South Australia.

Theses and Dissertations (Construction Economics)

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Nigeria’s construction industry: barriers to effective communication | Emerald Insight

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  • Nigeria’s construction industry: barriers to effective communication.
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Abstract The purpose of this study is to investigate and provide a general overview of the Nigerian construction industry, its role in the national economy, the main participants in the industry, the problems that they face, and the opportunities that exist within the industry. With double digit growth rates in the last 3 years, the construction industry has outgrown all other sectors of the Nigerian economy. However, its contribution to the Nigerian GDP and employment of labor are still very low.

Despite its impressive performance, the industry faces a significant number of challenges including the lack of local skilled labor, power shortage, the unavailability of materials, and the unethical practices that are very common in the industry.

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However, several opportunities exist in the industry especially in the ICT, education, and subcontracting sectors which makes it very attractive for investors. Description Thesis M.

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Potable water is a relatively scarce natural resource. This scarcity is evident on a global scale. For humankind potable water is not only needed to sustain life, but also to engage in activities that maintain and enhance Yacim, Joseph Awoamim University of Pretoria , Mokori, Abel Sentle University of Pretoria , Three perspectives that can be found in ethical decision-making are explored to suggest guidelines for ethical property development: the instrumental, the intrinsic and the pluralist perspective.

Given the limitations Van der Walt, Jacobus University of Pretoria , Farms are highly heterogeneous and never identical.

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No two farms are ever alike in terms of 1 the basic resources, land, labour, or capital that are available, 2 the way these resources or factors of production are Van Eck, Elzane University of Pretoria , This highlights the importance of generation Y to the quantity surveying profession as they are Prinsloo, Hendrik F.

University of Pretoria , The assessment of extension of time EOT claims as part of a construction project can have far-reaching consequences.

The Best Kept Secret in Construction - Michael Johnson - TEDxDavenport

For the contractor, the rejection of EOT claims might have a significant impact on the financial success Cruywagen, J. Hoffie University of Pretoria , Different types of building cost-related indices are used on a regular basis by quantity surveyors, developers, contractors, etc. Currently there is only one tender price index Ogwueleka, A.