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During each of the two last semesters of the student's undergraduate years, and upon selecting a topic that is accepted by the mentoring professor, the student should register for 1 credit hour of either Physics or Astronomy ; this registration requires the prior approval of the faculty member in question. As the award is of a departmental nature, the student and mentor should submit an initial proposal outlining the intended work as early as possible, and certainly before the end of the fourth week of the semester in which the work is begun.

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The proposal is to be submitted to the department's Undergraduate Committee for this initial approval, and should include a detailed description of the student's plan of work, placing the work in the context of the current state of the field, and must involve original work. The proposal should include a clear description of the student's role in the project, and a timeline of milestones during the period of work. Students are encouraged to consult their undergraduate advisors with questions regarding any aspect of their thesis proposal.

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This is a regional conference and has sessions for different sciences, including Physics. This is a regional meeting of the American Physical Society where local physicists from the region's universities and companies give talks and poster presentations. Student participation is high.

Talk to your advisor about this opportunity. The Society of Physics Students hosts poster sessions at many of the annual meetings of AIP's professional societies to encourage undergraduate participation at professional conferences.

They have travel awards you can apply for and you can even be a reporter! Better still, organize one here at OSU!

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The next one is in National and International Conferences. Long, pedagogical treatments are not appropriate.

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  • The thesis should contain the following parts:. If the student makes a contribution to a research group of sufficient importance as to merit inclusion as a co-author on a refereed publication, a copy of the paper may be submitted to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee instead of a thesis.

    In addition, students must submit a short report describing their specific contribution to the published journal article, and outlining how their work fit into the overall research project of which they were a member. Students who submit a paper rather than a thesis will qualify for honors but will not be eligible for the prize for Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Research.

    In all cases, the necessary documents must be submitted to the research advisor for review and approval by April This letter typically less than one page should be sent directly to the Director of Undergraduate Studies by May 1.

    Any corrections or changes recommended by the advisor should be made by May 1. May 1 of Senior Year : Research advisor sends the final documents to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, along with a supporting letter pages.