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Medical marijuana has been used for centuries to combat pain, weakness, anxiety, insomnia, female problems and nausea. Today it is commonly used by cancer and AIDS patients to stimulate hunger, combat nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy or other drug therapy and reduce pain. It has also been shown to be effective in reducing eye pressure, especially in the cases with glaucoma. Medical marijuana, or cannabis, is derived from the Cannabis sativa plant and there is some evidence of cannabis. History and facts that make up marijuana b. Thesis: Through numerous articles, books, documentaries, and journals, I have concluded that marijuana has positive creative effects and numerous medical ben-efits, including increased appetite, pain reduction, nausea reduction, and hard drug substitution II Positive Medical Benefits:.

Why is it that we have such negative feelings about marijuana? We oppose the harassment and prosecution of patients, providers, and physicians who respectively use, provide, or recommend marijuana for the medical treatment of serious illnesses. In this paper we be discussing whether to continue the federal prosecution of medical marijuana patients and their providers under the accordance with the federal controlled substance Act. There are so many opinions that people have on this issues.

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Because they may feel that. But still there is the stereotype that marijuana is a dangerous recreational drug. Medical marijuana refers to the use of cannabis and its cannabinoids to treat disease or improve symptoms Wikipedia. Cannabis contains two active ingredients inside called cannabinoids CBD along with the delta-g-tetrahydrocannabinol THC.

The medicinal and psychoactive effects that personally associate with marijuana are caused by unique structures of cannabinoids. In addition, the major psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is THC, which additionally. Many well-intentioned leaders and members of the public have been misled by the well-financed and organized pro-drug legalization lobby into believing there is merit to their argument that smoking marijuana is a safe and effective medicine.

A review of the scientific research, expert medical testimony, and government agency findings shows this to be erroneous. There is no justification for using marijuana as a medicine. Five millennia Cannabis sativa more commonly known today as marijuana has been used throughout the world medically, recreationally, and spiritually.

Unfortunately, the full potential of medical marijuana will not come to fruition because at the federal level, which. Contrary to many beliefs, marijuana, whether it is used for medical reasons or recreational is non-lethal.

It has been proven to be useful in many medical conditions. There has. In , Colorado passed Amendment 64 which is the law that legalized marijuana for recreational use. This act passed with a total of 55 percent of voters.

Studies show two views on the legalization of marijuana; some positive and some negative. Some people use marijuana to get high, but others are prescribed marijuana to alleviate pain, generate an appetite, and relieve stress; these are three of the many benefits that medical marijuana offers.

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Medical Marijuana Marijuana is medicine. It has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of ailments. Marijuana Cannabis sativa L. Today, only eight Americans are legally allowed to use marijuana as medicine. NORML is working to restore marijuana's availability as medicine. Medicinal Value Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically.

Attention-getter: Living in Colorado the use of marijuana is legal and is used by many with success. Does anyone here know a person or is a person who has used. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years for medical, spiritual, and recreational purposes. The medicinal benefits and uses of marijuana are finally being researched by scientists, as the U.

Cannabis is classified as an illegal.

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Marijuana for Medical Use For many years the United States government has prohibited some drugs, such as marijuana, from being sold in the marketplace. Yet, even with prohibition, marijuana use has only decreased minimally. Because of its illegality, only the bad aspects of marijuana use have been made known. However, there are many positive aspects of marijuana legalization, including its application concerning medical cures.

As of today, in most of the states, marijuana is classified. The Positive Effects of Medical Marijuana While the recreational use of Marijuana is considered controversial, the medical purposes have been a widely discussed topic among health care professionals, as well as for the patients that may benefit from it 's medicinal properties.

Doctors and scientists have dedicated their lives to discovering new remedies and treatments for the illnesses that ail us, and they have collected very promising results from their research on Marijuana.

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Numerous experiments. To the nutritionist, its seed is second only to the soybean in nutritional value and is a source of cooking oil and vitamins. To the paper or cloth manufacturer, it is the plant that provided much of our paper and clothing for hundreds of years and produces four times more fiber per acre than trees. To the environmentalist, it is the plant that could greatly slow deforestation. Florence Mbah Faculty Advisor: Dr. C have legalized medical marijuana and most recently in , eight 8 states have now approved recreational marijuana.

Medicinal marijuana is currently being used for the treatment of many diseases such as. Medical marijuana has been a huge topic of discussion over the years, especially the last few with some states legalizing not only medical marijuana but recreational. There are many people for the legalization of medical marijuana, however, there are just as many against it.

Does marijuana really have a medical value to it? Do we have enough scientific evidence to support the information we do have on medical marijuana? Is there a difference between smoking the plant or condensing the plant and. Hawaii legalized the use of medical marijuana in through Act , fifteen years.

Marijuana prohibition stands as one of the most unwarranted policies of the United States. Every year we are spending billions of dollars on the War on Drugs with little benefit. Data released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation show there were an estimated 1,, arrests for drug-related crimes in — a slight uptick from the 1,, drug arrests in Marijuana offenses accounted for Most marijuana-related arrests were for possession of the drug.

Medical marijuana, also called cannabis, is used in some places as a medication to treat diseases and symptoms.

Many people consider it helpful and harmless making it the most used illicit drug in North America. With legalizing medical marijuana people can alleviate some health problems and help ease physical pain, but it also can bring many concerns, questions, and responsibility. Marijuana Legalization 2 Pages. Marijuana Marijuana Legalization 2 Pages.

Canada Marijuana Marijuana Legalization 2 Pages. Marijuana Legalization 1 Page. Marijuana Marijuana Legalization 1 Page. Donald Trump Marijuana Legalization 1 Page. Addiction Drugs Marijuana Legalization 2 Pages.

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Africa Marijuana Legalization Smoking 3 Pages. Though the drug remains illegal at the federal level, in recent years states and localities have increasingly liberalized their marijuana laws in order to generate tax revenue and save resources on marijuana law enforcement. Hence, studying marijuana reforms and the policies and outcomes of early recreational marijuana adopters is an important area of research.