Osmosis data analysis coursework

For each trial you performed, explain how and why the water moved.

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Beaker has lower concentration than the diffusion bag. The water particles moved out of the cell to even out the concentration.

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Trial III: The solution is isotonic. The beaker and diffusion bag has the same concentration, there is no net movement of water molecules. Trial IV: The solution is hypotonic. The diffustion bag has lower concentration than the beaker. The water particles moved into the cell to even out the concentration. How did the Elodea cells change when aquarium water was replaced with hypertonic solution?

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What caused those changes? In which of the following pictures has equilibrium been reached?

Data Analysis - Osmosis in Potatoes - GCSE Science - Marked by dytamacike.gq

The first picture 2. In Experiment 2, for both trials 1 and 2, net movement of water was from the beaker to the bag.

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  8. However, the change in mass for the diffusion bag in trial 1 was greater than that for trial 2. In general, errors can be classified as:.

    Systematic errors can be eliminated with careful experimental design and techniques. You can't eliminate random errors. You can reduce the effect of random errors by taking multiple measurements and increasing sample sizes. This error can be minimized by taking more data and averaging over a large number of observations. For example, when taking an ECG measurement, the presence of a cell phone near the monitoring device might effect the measurements.

    Error Analysis

    However, different pieces of tissue will vary in their osmolarity especially if they have been taken from different potatoes. For example, the resolution limitations of a microscope may limit an observer from noticing changes in a cell structure.

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    Automated measuring, for example through the use of a data logger system, can help reduce the likelihood of this type of error. Alternatively, the experimenter can take a break occasionally.