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Foul play, scheming, deceit and betrayal are not in their nature. Most of the animals are our true friends. In true harmony they live with us and make the life enjoyable.

Real English: Talking about pets and animals

Animals serve the human interest in many ways. The wild ones create a beautiful environment around us and maintain ecological balance.

Humans And Animals Relationships Essay

Butterflies and bees pollinate flowers and help the trees bear fruit. The earthworms hollow the soil and make it fertile for us to grow harvests of food grains. Birds paint the air with colours and sounds. Snakes eat field mice and save our harvests. We know a lot about the domesticated animals like dogs, cats, horses, cattle, elephants, pigs, hens, ducks, turkeys, sheep, ponies, mules, yaks, camels, llamas, ostriches, reindeers etc. It is our companion, protector, guide and its presence has soothing effect.

Dogs help the law as well by serving as police dogs. They serve in wars also. Dogs help in hunting and in rearing sheep too. They prove wonderful guides for blind and old people. In snow bound areas the dogs draw sledges. They also help in rescuing travelers lost in snow storms or buried in snow. Now-a- days, doctors prescribe pet dogs to mentally troubled people, mentally retracted kids or the people with frayed nerves.

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The company of dogs keeps the nerves calmed down. There are a number of different breeds of dogs for different purposes. The loyalty of the dogs is legendary. Amazing stories of the loyal deeds of dogs keep appearing in the media. Cats are kept as pets, for they kill rat species. They look pretty and add beauty to the house. Women particularly are fond of cats. They are good to play with and are cuddle some. They make a good constant company.

The cattle give us milk and yield hide for a variety of leather goods, the prominent being shoes. The cattle waste makes a good manure and it is traditionally used as domestic fuel in India. It is because of this usefulness that Hindu tradition considers cow to be a holy animal. Yaks and bullocks are beasts of burden. The bullocks pull the ploughs in our country. In the western countries cattle meat is consumed as beef items.

Sheep and goat provide meat, hide and wool. The goats yield milk as well. Pigs are loads of fat pork which is turned into ham, bacon, salami, sausages and other pork items. Llama, mules and camel are other beasts of burden. Camels provide milk also. For snow covered regions of northern hemisphere reindeer is the life saver. It provides meat, fat oil for light and hide for leather wears. Bison served the same purpose for Red Indians. Poultry birds yield eggs and meat.

Ostrich lays large eggs and is also used for riding. Elephants are used for carrying logs in Thailand. They are also used for rides. Essays about Reptiles and Small Animals. Essays about Animals Misc.

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Coupons and Discounts. Browse Stories. We live in a fragmented and disconnected culture. Politics are ugly, religion is struggling, technology is stressful, and the economy is unfortunate. A dog or a cat loving us unconditionally every day, very faithfully. For our April writing contest, we asked over 6, students to submit personal essays that focus on a pet or animal story and take our international student survey about pets and animals. You'll find the top essays as well as statistics about this topic from our student survey below.

If you like what you see in this exclusive report, please explore our other Teen Trends analyses on student issues ranging from mobile apps to unsung heroes. Here are the teen statistics from the StageofLife. The types of pets owned are Receiving pets from a farm, ads in the newspaper or Craigslist were the last ranked sources for purchasing a pet.

Long and Short Essay on My Pet Animal for Children and Students

What is Your Favorite Animal? To see all of the responses, download the full survey report via the PDF icon below or you can view all of the data online on our Teens and Animals survey results web page To read the full survey results, click the PDF icon to view or save the free download. All teens who submitted a story agreed that pets have a special place in their family as close friends.

Animals know how to bring you joy and keep you entertained. Saviors: In addition to entertainment, pets often know when their human is feeling down. Many teens wrote about how their pets helped them out of a tough time in their lives.

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Teachers: Many teens noted that their animals taught them valuable lessons—sometimes beyond the usual perks of responsibility. These students wrote about the value of patience and taking things one day at a time. Protectors: Beyond providing emotional support, some pets—especially big dogs—provide physical protection as well. And as a thanks for animals helping us, we should create legislation to protect animals. After all, these teens agree that animals deserve our help.

Animals: Homeless Dogs in Ethiopia by dagmawi People nourish homeless dogs with love and affection. Animals: They have choices by TheGreenpaw This teen examines her feelings on zoos. Gibbs " A story about how a girl's pet dog carries around her oxygen tank. We couldn't resist sharing this one as inspiration for this student writing contest. Author Sponsors. With over , teens reached each year, StageofLife. Because of this, national and international authors donate signed copies of their books to Stage of Life for their monthly writing contest.