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But, if the MBA is in your plan regardless and you did well, it provides more data that undergrad grades were a lack of effort issue as opposed to lack of ability. Personally, I would try applying now and seeing what happens. Applying as an experienced hire, they will look more at your professional accomplishments than the academic relatively speaking , so you might have enough to get considered. It is just so frustrating sometimes to write cover letters because everything you want to say has been said on the companies website!

I genuinely want to join a management consulting firm due to my love for problem solving and also due to the fact that I have to opportunity to collaborate with other brilliant people but I was told that these reasons were bland if I were to put them in my cover letter. Is it too late to for me to apply in November of the fall recruitment cycle? Should I wait for next year instead? If I get rejected by a firm once, does that hurt my chances when I apply for the next cycle?

Also, how do I balance taking the time to network and hence write a good cover letter with trying to apply as soon as possible? If in doubt, just call the firm in question and ask what the best way to apply is. They are a little busy this time of year, so try calling before 9am or after 5pm to catch someone live. Applying off cycle is rarely a negative. You can do both. They are not mutually exclusive. Online applications, where you are lumped in with the masses e.

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Moreover I have been working in one of the biggest firm about thermic comfort in the world since March and my role is Technology Analyst in Strategic Marketing Department. You wrote this is a plus and I should report this info in my letter but do you think I should have his approval? For 1: write down all the things that make you different than your peers.

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Sort them from most unique to least, and then emphasize the first 1 — 3 items in your cover letter. You want to be both a qualified and b unique. For 2 — it is fine to mention you ran into McKinsey reports in your work. It probably helps a little, but not enormously so. For 3 — it is not necessary to ask permission from the McKinsey BA you met to mention him or her in a cover letter provided your focus your comments on YOUR reactions to meeting this person.

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It is not a bad idea to ask for permission, but mostly to signal to this BA that you are applying. Only do this if you felt you made a strong impression on this BA and that he or she remembers you. If it was just a passing interaction, then you probably want to avoid this and just mention your reaction to meeting him or her. Reading some of the previous comments here has been very educating.

I also did take the GRE test and scored a out of quantitative score with an overall score of The undergrad GPA is pretty low by consulting standards. You might be able to get away with omitting it on your resume if you have enough work experience. If you get asked about it, you do have to disclose it and you should have a good explanation ready for why it was so low. Your numbers are probably not strong enough for the top 7. This could be offset by having contacts in your target firm or if the caliber of your previous employers and the b-school is very strong.

Many thanks for your reply and really appreciate the effort you have taken to respond. How does the consulting industry perceive the companies? Shell and Chevron are well known F companies. As employer or client names, they are well respected.

The more important factor will be looking at what kind of work you did for them and assessing the results of that work. Reading your post was a great insight. I have great work experience in the non profit and sound thesis research experience. I have plenty of extra curricular showing leadership, public speaking and I have a small independent entrepreneurship project on the side.

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I am looking to join Mckinsey because I seek the extensive analytical and disciplined training. I can probably even get some contacts. Can you advise me on the best way to stand out and apply?

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Would you advise that? Your background would be considered at the very low end amongst consultants working at McKinsey. The GPA is low especially for a non target school, if you had a 3. So as starting point, this would be a long shot but not impossible situation. Here are a list of offsetting factors:. You need to do it measurable better than the Harvard grads. In terms of your contact, emphasizing your drive and determination will have very little impact. You will need to realistically do a LOT of networking and expect to face skepticism at every turn.

Keep in mind this is not the case interview, this is the case they give you in the middle of lunch or during a networking phone call that determines where they will endorse your resume and request to get a real case interview. He did practice cases and tried calling close to 2, people i think that was the number working at MBB to get considered. The process evolved as I describe above. All in, I would estimate it took him — 1, hours to get it all done. Clearly he was VERY determined to both get considered and be good enough to be worth considering. Hi Victor, I am reading your book on case-interviews and the information on your website, and find it very helpful, motivating, and inspiring!

I have a phd in one of the social sciences disciplines from NYU my department and subfield are ranked top 10 in my field. I have a publication in one of the leading journals in my field, and some papers under review. I have extensive training in quantitative data analysis, experience with several statistical software packages, and some knowledge of programming for data analysis. I also have training and work experience in applied game theory.

In addition, prior to grad school I gained professional experience in public sector. Non-academic jobs, and especially consulting, are appealing to me for two main reasons: 1 opportunity to work on real-world problems, and see the impact of my work; 2 team work, or at least frequent interaction with other people.

I also know 3 foreign languages, in addition to English. Given my background, do you think I have a high chance of getting an interview if I apply online? How would you suggest that I maximize my chances of being interviewed?

BCG Cover Letter

Do you think there are any weak spots or questions that application readers might have, and that I should address in my cover-letter? Thanks a lot, Anna. Your background is pretty good, but the perception of yur background will be negatively biased based on prestige of undergrad and grad institutions. I think the odds of getting an interview via online application given your background will be substantially lower than if you apply via networking.

The online application favors the qualified a candidate hitting the target criteria exactly — Ivy, 3.


There are many, many exceptions to the target critters, but they usually have a hard time getting noticed via online applications. See my articles on networking and email my assistant Kirsten at caseinterview. Actually I have a question about you: How can you be so energetic and productive as far as I know, you run two websites, wrote many books and articles, and had TV interviews. I will be a FFY next year and I heard the consulting life is tough.

So I want to keep energetic as well, like you. BUT, when I break it down to a daily level — say spending 1 hour per day writing which for me is about one article. The micro level time investment is imminently achievable by anyone. When I write articles, I imagine writing an email to a friend. So the question is could you spend an hour a day writing one really good email to a friend? I am from India and have around 9 years of IT-consulting experience 6 years for a top-tier IB of which 3 years in London.

I just turned Does that or my 9 yrs of experience count against me? Or should I give it a shot? Which consulting companies should I realistically target? The resources in your site and the ideas it pools really are very enlightening. It really gives an insight as to the nature of the industry.

My GPA is low by consulting standards, 3. The only work experience I have is that of teaching business and financial English to members of staff including managerial working for international companies here. Of course I have acquired a lot of transferable skills and a general knowledge of the business and financial sectors. I contacted the office here and was told resumes are to be sent only through the global site. A consulting firm might be interested in your background, but most likely not a top firm — perhaps a smaller boutique. It might also take working in industry for a few years and getting an MBA to pull it off.

The problem is between the non-brand university, lower gpa, and limited work experience, any one of those three areas can be compensated for, but generally not all three at the same time. But 3 of 3 its very difficult, so getting to consulting might be limited to smaller firms or might necessitate an intermediate step in work experience or going to a brand mba program usually by working in industry first to get to your goal. Even then, I would like to once confirm with you about my candidature for consulting career.