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Goodyear President Frank A. Seiberling was President of the LHA for many years. The LHA also sponsored short concrete "Seedling Mile" object lesson roads in many locations the first, built in the fall of , was just west of Malta, Illinois. The "Seedling Miles," according to the LHA's guide, were intended "to demonstrate the desirability of this permanent type of road construction" and "crystallize public sentiment" for "further construction of the same character.

The most famous "seedling" and one of the most talked about portions of the Lincoln Highway was the 1.

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In , the LHA decided to develop a model section of road that would be adequate not only for current traffic but for highway transportation over the following 2 decades. The LHA assembled 17 of the country's foremost highway experts for meetings in December and February to decide design details of the Ideal Section. They agreed on such features as:.

Seger was one of the founders of the LHA. In magazines and newspapers, the Ideal Section was hailed as a vision of the future. Highway officials from around the country visited the Ideal Section, and they discussed it in papers read before technical societies in this country and abroad. Today, the Ideal Section is still in use. However, a motorist between Dyer and Schererville would not know he was on an historic section of highway unless he stopped to see the "Ideal Section" marker placed off the road. Still, the Ideal Section stands as an early attempt to envision the type of highway that would evolve into today's Interstate superhighways.

Actually, one of the Lincoln Highway's greatest contributions to future highway development occurred in , when the U. Army undertook its first transcontinental motor convoy. The highly publicized convoy, promoted by the LHA, was intended, in part, to dramatize the need for better main highways and continued Federal-aid. From there, it followed the Lincoln Highway to San Francisco. Bridges cracked and were rebuilt, vehicles became stuck in mud, and equipment broke, but the convoy was greeted warmly by communities across the country.

The convoy reached San Francisco on September 5.

The LHA considered the convoy a great success. Extensive publicity promoted the Lincoln Highway and good roads everywhere. According to the LHA's official history, the convoy led directly to favorable action on many county bond issues for highway building. However, the greatest result of the convoy was not realized until the 's. One participant in the convoy was a bored young Army officer, Lt. Colonel Dwight David Eisenhower. That experience plus his observations of the German auto-bahn network during World War II convinced him to support construction of the Interstate System when he became President.

By the mid's, the Nation was crisscrossed by a network of approximately named trails.

Bypass story of a road essay

They had become a confusing tangle, often on routes selected more because of the willingness of local groups to pay "dues" to a trail association than because of transportation value. Some of the trail organizations were fly-by-night groups that were more interested in "dues" than road. James, pointed out the dominance of the Lincoln Highway at the time. After the U.

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Although he told them, frankly, the new system would mean the end of the Lincoln Highway, "they were for a big plan for roads across the U. James agreed and, therefore, had the LHA's support for the numbering plan. The February issue of The Lincoln Forum contained an editorial reflecting the discussion with James. After explaining that the Joint Board was creating a numbering plan, but had no authority over highway names, the editorial observed:.

The States approved the U. As with the other transcontinental and major named trails, the Lincoln Highway was divided among several numbers. East of Philadelphia, the Lincoln Highway was part of U. On April 3, , Mr. James replied on April Originally Route No. This convergence was made at the desire of Wyoming more particularly and created a condition which made it desirable to carry the route numbered 20 through Yellowstone Park down to Pocatello and thence west to Portland. A study of the geography of the Sierra Range will indicate to you that there was no other adequate method of developing the gateway at Ontario, Oregon.

This detail of the Joint Board report was not satisfactory to the northwestern States, more particularly Oregon and Idaho, and when the situation was realized by Wyoming that State also was dissatisfied with the adjustments made, consequently the four State involved, namely, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah had a conference and agreed that the Ontario gateway should be developed by the only direct and logical route, for that purpose, namely, the route through southern Wyoming. This route as far as Granger was No. In , the LHA ended its active promotion, but not before one last publicity stunt.

The Lincoln Highway was officially marked and dedicated to the memory of Abraham Lincoln on September 1, On that day, at p. They were placed on the outer edge of the right-of-way at each important crossroad, at minor crossings, and at other intervals to assure each motorist that he was on the right road. The signs carried the Lincoln Highway insignia, a bronze medallion "This Highway Dedicated to Abraham Lincoln" and a directional arrow.

Many segments had still not been paved. A bitter dispute in the early 's with Utah officials had forced the LHA to shift its route in the western part of Utah and the eastern part of Nevada. Still, by the 25th Anniversary of the Lincoln Highway in , all but 42 miles had been surfaced with something better than gravel and that mile segment was under construction.

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Noting the anniversary, the Engineering News-Record pointed out that:. An article in the Portland Cement Association's magazine credited the LHA "with pushing back the horizons of highway thinking. The program featured interviews with a number of LHA officials and a message from Carl Fisher, which was read by an announcer in Detroit.

In part, Fisher said:. Fisher was right. On June 8, President Franklin D. Roosevelt had signed the Federal-Aid Highway Act of , which called for a report on the feasibility of a system of transcontinental toll roads. In , Fisher died.

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He had lost most of his fortune, a victim of the collapse of the Florida real estate boom in , a disastrous hurricane that devastated Miami Beach in September of that same year, and the Wall Street Crash in The Crash forced him to abandon his last big project, a resort hotel in Montauk, New York. The Lincoln Highway remained part of the national scene. The show, sponsored by Shinola Polish, featured stories of life along the route.

According to John Dunning, author of Tune in Yesterday , a encyclopedia of the radio era, Lincoln Highway was a "morning show of big-time quality featuring top stars of Broadway and Hollywood who usually were only available for prime-time evening shows. The introduction to the show each week made the mistake of assuming the Lincoln Highway was identical to U.

Over the years, the Lincoln Highway became little more than a memory, with relics and reminders along the way:. Hokanson had been intrigued by the mystery of this once-famous highway. In an August article in Smithsonian , he tried to explain the fascination with the route. In its heyday, the Lincoln Highway was the Nation's premier highway.

If it never quite measured up to the dreams of its founders, if it was never quite finished, nevertheless it was a marvel in itself and an object lesson that helped spur highway development around the country. But that success also helped the country achieve the LHA's goal of enduring highways everywhere. Anderson introduces young readers to the historic highway. The single best introduction to the subject, the book contains an accurate, readable text and evocative photographs.

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  8. The Lincoln Highway Forum. This high-quality magazine, which is distributed to members by the new Lincoln Highway Association, contains detailed articles, LHA news, reviews, and other material. Highway History. The Lincoln Highway by Richard F. Weingroff On July 1, , a group of automobile enthusiasts and industry officials established the Lincoln Highway Association LHA "to procure the establishment of a continuous improved highway from the Atlantic to the Pacific, open to lawful traffic of all description without toll charges.

    Carl G. Fisher The Lincoln Highway also played an important role in the evolution of highways leading up to the Dwight D. Some segments of the Lincoln Highway followed historic roads. The route in Pennsylvania followed the mile Philadelphia to Lancaster Pike, the first extensive turnpike in the United States completed in , and a British military trail built in by General John Forbes of England from Chambersburg to Pittsburgh during the French and Indian War.

    It was later known as the Pittsburgh Road and the Conestoga Road. A section in Ohio followed an ancient Indian trail known as the Ridge Road. Entering California, a motorist on the Lincoln Highway crossed the Sierra Nevada through Donner Pass, named after the Donner Party, which became stranded after attempting to cross through the pass too late in the winter of , or could follow an alternate route that was once a pioneer stage coach route. Thomas will come with a team. He can see you 20 miles off.

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    They agreed on such features as: A foot right-of-way; A foot wide concrete pavement 10 inches thick maximum loads of 8, pounds per wheel were the basis for the pavement design ; Minimum radius for curves of 1, feet, with guardrail at all embankments; Curves superelevated i. After explaining that the Joint Board was creating a numbering plan, but had no authority over highway names, the editorial observed: The Lincoln Highway Association would have liked to have seen the Lincoln Highway designated as a United States route entirely across the continent and designated by a single numeral throughout its length.

    But it realized that this was only a sentimental consideration. The Lincoln Way is too firmly established upon the map of the United States and in the minds and hearts of the people as a great, useful and everlasting memorial to Abraham Lincoln to warrant any skepticism as to the attitude of those States crossed by the route. Those universally familiar red, white and blue markers, in many states the first to be erected on any thru route, will never lose their significance or their place on America's first transcontinental road.

    James replied on April 6: Originally Route No. In the fourteenth century, cowrie shells were introduced from the eastern coast as local currency, but gold and salt remained the principal mediums of long-distance trade. The flow of sub-Saharan gold to the northeast probably occurred in a steady but small stream.

    Undoubtedly, some of this African gold was also used in Western gold coins. When Mossi raids destroyed the Mali empire, the rising Songhai empire relied on the same resources. Gold remained the principal product in the trans-Saharan trade, followed by kola nuts and slaves.