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During s e x u a l activity, the penis experiences a flow of nitric oxide, which stimulates the erectile tissue into creating the enzyme guanylate cyclase. Caring for Muslim Patients. A manuscript evaluation is an in-depth, developmental, and structural manuscript editing report. It provides a bigger picture of the manuscript by deeply analyzing its many facts Steps: 1. Choosing a suitable journal 2. Check Wordcount, Check Wordcount, Format, Table and Figures 3. The manuscript is checked by EIC whether it fits in journal 4. Plagiarism check for an article with previously published 5.

In case you haven't consumed any health news recently, there is a big beef over research showing red meat is not bad for you. A huge study has contradicted decades of anti-red-meat advice, and the experts who gave that advice are A huge study has contradicted decades of anti-red-meat advice, and the experts who gave that advice are red-faced and livid, and accidentally admit that public health policy is based on politics and bad science.

This article aspires to contribute to the ongoing literature on collective action in times of crisis.

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Our emphasis is on what has been considered the anti-austerity protest cycle's most novel pattern of everyday resistance, i. By adopting a relational approach highlighting the interplay between waves of contention, the fluctuating institutional environment, and broader social and structural processes in the background of a hollowed welfare state, we demonstrate the politicization potential of solidarity direct social action, as well as its antipodal dynamic: depoliticization and movement dissolution.

We argue that the latter was the result of a double process: a the selective co-optation of solidarity structures by an institutional actor SYRIZA , setting in motion movement-internal polarization, and b the discur-sive subordination of solidarity frames and activities to the "realm of necessity" as prescribed by the rationality of continuing austerity politics.

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Loukia Kotronaki. Empowered and disempowered voices of low-income people with disabilities on the initiation of government-funded, managed health care. From the ground up: Using applied work to build theory. Lindsey T. A questionnaire A questionnaire survey was conducted with a total of married women. In a cultural context where ludopathy is a social phenomenon built through normative and medical definitions, how are healthcare services approaching the treatment of gambling disorder?

The purpose of this study is to examine the Italian The purpose of this study is to examine the Italian healthcare service approach to pathological gambling disorder PGD , with the aim of formulating proposals for action. Italy is chosen as a crucial terrain of investigation to understand the challenges posed by the growth of the gambling market in Europe and its consequences on its healthcare systems. The empirical material underpinning the analysis includes the latest official statistical data regarding the socio-medical treatment of people with addictions in Italy as well as qualitative interviews conducted with social-sanitary structure managers responsible for therapeutic activities combating dependencies.

Through a social construction perspective, gambling and PGD are understood as social phenomena whose meaning and definition comes as a result of a process of negotiation. Keywords: gambling disorders, ludopathy, gambling policies. An agenda of interventions, based on the experience of professionals involved in treatment, is necessary to rethink the approach to PGD.

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Linda Lombi. Sarti F. Esistono limitazioni intrinseche nella prognosi delle epatopatie croniche che spingono gli esperti del settore ad acquisire nuove informazioni sui diversi Esistono limitazioni intrinseche nella prognosi delle epatopatie croniche che spingono gli esperti del settore ad acquisire nuove informazioni sui diversi aspetti che ancora non rientrano nella letteratura medica.

Viste le caratteristiche del problema, la necessita' di confrontare e valutare forme di ragionamento e di gestire elementi non rigidamente schematizzabili, la soluzione rappresentata da un sistema esperto e' la piu' adatta. Le relazioni fra gli elementi relativi a diagnosi, prognosi e terapia in gastroenterologia sono particolarmente complesse, e gli elementi stessi sono molto numerosi.

E' quindi necessario rappresentare questa conoscenza a diversi livelli di astrazione. Per rappresentare il ragionamento del medico sono stati utilizzati i grafi delle mete. Per dare alla deduzione la massima flessibilita' il sistema permettera' inoltre al medico di esprimere uno spettro continuo di valutazioni relative al risultato di un esame o ad un sintomo. Al momento e' in fase di realizzazione presso il Servizio di Gastroenterologia dell'Ospedale Bellaria di Bologna un prototipo basato sulle linee di sviluppo accennate.

150 Health Care Research Topics for Argumentative Essay: Best Ideas

Medical practice in Nigeria is marred by several unethical conducts which affects the reputation, utilisation and patronage of public healthcare facilities. This has led to spread of dangerous disease and loss of lives of many who have This has led to spread of dangerous disease and loss of lives of many who have refuse medical treated due to the unwholesome attitudes and behaviours of most medical practitioners. In most public hospitals, patients are treated disdainfully with abysmally poor communication patterns-shouting, beating and attending to some of them rudely without respect for the dignity of their patients.

This paper argues that the accumulation of these negative experiences have attracted negative image and marred the reputation of public hospitals in Nigeria. The paper adopted Keith Davis Model of Corporate Social Responsibility which holds that actions and conducts of organisation must be of immense benefits to the society. The paper x-rays the place of corporate social responsibility in building the reputation of public hospitals in Nigeria. It was concluded that the activities are what is affecting the public patronage of public hospitals.

It is recommended here that modern standard and be of benefits to the public. The paper recommends that health workers should take their work seriously and ensure effective communications among staffs and patients as their actions; whether good or bad affects the reputation and patronage of the hospital. Educators applied complexity sciences to analyze healthcare and human services in a complex adaptive system CAS , which supported the need to restructure services to sustain the goals of the healthcare continuum. CAS theory introduces CAS theory introduces new perspectives for leaders challenged with meeting inconsistent and seemingly contradictory healthcare mandates.

CAS theory enabled identification of variables directly or inversely related based on the direction of their feedback loops and system behaviors from evidence-based research findings.

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The authors explored the benefits of using this approach as a learning tool for students and faculty engaged in healthcare research and as an evaluation method for healthcare leaders to improve outcomes. This exploratory review resulted in the development of the Tau Conceptual Framework model, which revealed relationships and elements of a CAS negative feedback system.

The name Tau was selected because of the symbolic meaning of the harmonic union between the objective and subjective and the Franciscan ideal to promote the greater good. The research methodology enabled identification of variables related to access, safety and quality, cost considerations, and stakeholder satisfaction. Independent variables were added to the model showing the effects of a direct or inverse relationship with the dependent variables.

In using this model, a student-designed submodel was developed using the High Reliability Organization HRO theory to improve quality. The models depict healthcare delivery as a multifaceted feedback system that may be used to improve safety and quality within a complex adaptive healthcare system.

This paper shortly reviews the links among Aether and matter creation from the perspective of Neutrosophic Logic. We also discuss two other possible applications of Neutrosophic Logic.

150 Health Care Research Topics for Argumentative Essay

The Iraqi public health system has faced major challenges over the last four decades. Recurrent armed conflicts and political instabilities have resulted in service delivery that is of poor quality. This essay identifies the main This essay identifies the main challenges facing the Iraqi public health system and proposes a plan to initiate the process of addressing these challenges. Calls to action mandate a realistic assessment of the challenges posed by the current situation.

Building on an understanding of these challenges and creating an environment to support evidence-based health system reform holds promise for creating a healthy future.

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Related Topics. Public Health. Follow Following. Healthcare Management. Quality of Healthcare Services. It simply shows that the role of the administrator is often not commensurate for developing specific healthcare outcomes for the patient.

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The opposite is true for physicians and nurses. Thus the case manager synthesizes these two positions to provide the best of both worlds for the healthcare organization and its patients. Case management programs work best when both physicians and administrators support them. Thus, if administrators make the decision to employ the services of case management, there is a need to discuss this move with physicians.

In some cases, physicians may feel as if an individual who is only concerned with cost containment is usurping their authority. Physicians need to be made aware that this is not the case.

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Physicians need to know several key points. Administrator of Orthopedic Surgery Practice - Administrator of Orthopedic Surgery Practice research papers look at an example of an order placed on the issues and questions that an administrator must consider. Affordable Health Care Act - Affordable Health Care Act research papers examine the legislation, passed by Congress in , to increase the availability of health insurance and access to the health care system for millions of American citizens.