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An ungainly hybrid that takes on strange beauty in motion. The senses move through the scenes in full galloping integration, along with the tick and weight of actual time. Here is Wesley Updike, cast simultaneously as the gracious centaur Chiron and the gloomy, hilarious, hypochondriacal high-school teacher George Caldwell, half-myth and half-man like any father. Because Peter wishes to be an artist, and is experiencing the same awakening Updike experienced, the book is seen through surreal endless eyes, like mythological cups into which the world is poured and poured.

Updike is the little synaesthete of American literature, with a tab of acid on his tongue. Close to the beginning, as Caldwell lectures a class on the Big Bang while the principal listens in, we feel ourselves in the hot red centre of his image-maker: roiling chaos, free association of matter into fantastic form.

Updike is a master of that moment when the elements of the physical world arrange themselves around you and suddenly: click! Peter, more than any of his other characters, is a bursting scrapbook of these Polaroids. There is an abyss that opens in the chest of the reader who believes the bowl has cracked that is not entirely healed by the news that it is whole.

Old age and frailty and death are in that chasm, and huge yawning pity for the end of ourselves. The Centaur , too, takes place in that blackness, that tenderness that Peter cherishes for his father, who allows the expensive leather gloves Peter gave him for Christmas to be stolen by a hitchhiker, who on the final page may die.

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These characters are inside cities, rooms, America — just as they are inside the body of God, which is a great skin of feeling without perimeter. After Rabbit, Run, the books cease to be interesting primarily for their art but become essential recordings of American life. They continue to be speedily readable — the present tense works on Updike the way boutique transfusions of young blood work on billionaires — and perfectly replicate the experience of eating a hot dog in quasi-wartime on a lush crew-cut lawn that has been invisibly poisoned by industry, while men argue politics in the background and a Nice Ass lurks somewhere on the horizon, like the presence of God.

They also take on the worst aspects of the problem novel, a form for which he was temperamentally and politically but not creatively suited. His drug writing is cop-level bad. She comes twice — Lord knows how the female body is tuned as quiveringly as a violin string to the fantasy of the father-in-law. He is the recipient of some massive government programme so comprehensive that it plumped him in every cell, and which it is the poverty of subsequent generations to be unable even to imagine. I give people faith. Critics did have the high-flying hopes for him of the sort that read more like patriotism than anything else.

Updike dresses Rabbit in an Uncle Sam costume and marches him in a hometown parade; together, the two of them are the happiest fucking country this world has ever seen. As he writes elsewhere,. Updike, in later interviews, maintained that Rabbit would have been an Obama voter. He may have been, but we know who he would have voted for next. How am I to write about all of him, see him from every angle? It is helpful to visualise a globe: here are deserts of incomprehension, and here glaciers of stopped sympathy, and here a warm hometown seen right down to the brushstrokes.

Why is it so tempting to grade him on a curve? He is so attended by the shine of a high-school star, standing in a spotlight that insists on his loveability, that presents him as a great gold cup into which forgiveness must be poured.

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I aimed it at you, he tells me: you were that vague spot a little to the east of Kansas. A better question might be why nothing sticks to him. A friend pointed out that he once wrote a book called Not Cancelled Yet. Of course he did: he has a book called everything. He is remembered as a libertine when he might be remembered as a reactionary conservative or even as a Christian — and the libertines of literature have a habit of being allowed everything.

This may be because, beyond his early work, he is not actually being read. I suspect it also has something to do with his own body of criticism, which is not just game and generous but able, as his fiction is not, to reach deeply into the objectives of other human beings, even to see into the minds of women. God forgive me, John Updike, I did not read Terrorist.

His criticism is the same: engaged in endless holiday production, moving people in and out of itself like a party, what we used to call gay. He is pupilish and professorial all at once, and his valuations are often correct to the penny.

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It is all things good about him, until you get to the review of a book called Black Suicide , say, and have to lay your head on your desk for approximately an hour, or find a passage like this one:. My pussy alters by the time of day and according to the mesh of underpants. It has its satellites: the whimsical line of hairs that ascend to my navel and into my tan, the kisses of fur on the inside of my thighs, the lambent fuzz that ornaments the cleavage of my fundament. Amber, ebony, auburn, bay, chestnut, cinnamon, hazel, fawn, snuff, henna, bronze, platinum, peach, ash, flame and field mouse: these are but a few of the colours my pussy is.

One wishes not so much for an editor as for a brutal anti-American waxer to swoop in.

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At times it felt that each sentence carried me further from understanding him. At other times it felt that I had never read anyone with such animal attention, all reflexes relocated to the tip of my pen. It was like wrestling an angel with a massive erection, who towards morning marks you in another way. Beautiful flashes of writing-deer. In the end Wallace loved the sinner, as Updike wanted us to love Rabbit Angstrom. And part of the problem with our degree view of modern authors is knowing where to put any of it. If he is a minor novelist with a major style, as Harold Bloom has it, then what is style?

We speak of it as superficial, as a gloss applied to plain surfaces, but a sheen can become inherent, architectural, like the sheen on pigeon feathers. He hit blue heights in those early years and his design is what carried him; I am not sure what was true of him then that would later cease to be true. Now, 50 years and 55 books later, he has compiled a selection of his earliest work, some of it out of print for decades.

Updike v. In it, the author explores the subject of celebrity, recalls his first meeting with Barack Obama, and talks of the role of the writer. Here is the interview in full. Now an acclaimed and prolific literary writer, his novels and short stories reflect America's transition over half a century. He is innately conservative, with a deep religious faith, and his richly explicit prose is marked by compassion and humour.

When a solipsist dies, after all, everything goes with him. And no U.

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As were Freud's, Mr. Updike's big preoccupations have always been with death and sex not necessarily in that order , and the fact that the mood of his books has gotten more wintery in recent years is understandable-Mr. Updike has always written largely about himself, and since the surprisingly moving Rabbit at Rest he's been exploring, more and more overtly, the apocalyptic prospect of his own death.

Toward the End of Time concerns an incredibly erudite, articulate, successful, narcissistic and sex-obsessed retired guy who's keeping a one-year journal in which he explores the apocalyptic prospect of his own death. It is, of the total 25 Updike books I've read, far and away the worst, a novel so mind-bendingly clunky and self-indulgent that it's hard to believe the author let it be published in this kind of shape.

First, though, if I may poke the critical head into the frame for just one moment, I'd like to offer assurances that your reviewer is not one of these spleen-venting, spittle-spattering Updike-haters one encounters among literary readers under The fact is that I am probably classifiable as one of very few actual sub Updike fans. And even since Rabbit Is Rich -as his characters seemed to become more and more repellent, and without any corresponding indication that the author understood that they were repellent-I've continued to read Mr.

Updike's novels and to admire the sheer gorgeousness of his descriptive prose.

Rabbit, Run by John Updike

Yes, Rabitt is not always likeable. He is selfish, and the books are a bit lurid, but, that is the genius of Updike. A charcter does'nt have to be loved, or even liked for that matter, to be interesting. True the 2nd through 4th books are better than the first. One of the most fascinating parts of the book is when Rabbit is playing golf with Eccles, and the game becomes metaphorical, with Rabbit struggling and getting stuck in the sand, then experiencing a perfect swing. If the idea of rooting for such a character disgusts you, never fear.

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Rabbit is doomed to be punished - severely - for thinking he can escape his responsibilities. The tide bringing this punishment comes slowly. I could see it approaching inch by inch, feeling sicker as its destructive wave threatened, but powerless to move, witnessed its hideous, tragic crash.

My mother languished in a coma for one month before she finally found peace, and I spent most of those days and many of my nights in that waiting room. During much of that time I'd blown through typical waiting room crap like books with plots about overthrowing the government, stories about detectives who were psychoanalysts, stories about psychoanalysts who were detectives, etc.

One day during this siege, I stopped at my mother's house and was checking out her bookcases when I found a hardback copy of "Rabbit" and took it back to the hospital with me. What a revelation. I was amazed. Honest true-to-life emotions of real everyday flawed people. My mother was a voracious reader, and a big public library patron.

She bought relatively few books of the many that she'd read, so I always thought that there must have been some special significance to the books that she owned. View all 10 comments. The very precision of words makes this Man-Bad-so-Man-Punished tale oh so jolting. A writer like this composes a cautionary story out of perfect and incredibly complex sentences.

He is undoubtedly a poet, especially in his navigating the traditional 'somnambulent' realm of late '50s idyllic Americana gone to the dogs. The time-frames are also relatable. But this is closer akin to the intrepid ta The very precision of words makes this Man-Bad-so-Man-Punished tale oh so jolting. But this is closer akin to the intrepid tale of 50's Suburbian Woe, "Revolutionary Road" by the brilliant Richard Yates in that it is the second party i. Rabbit symbolizes the Everyman.

Rabbit is like an animal, sometimes acting like a dog. Rabbit is white, macho, racist, sexist. View all 4 comments.