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Mobile Phones And The Mobile Phone

The enabling cell phone technology with a limited cellular network range was developed in the s for the first time and they became widely available in the s. This current paper, sets out to discuss the introduction of cell phones in the technological world.

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The advancements in cellular phone technology can be traced in different and distinct generations, from the early Mobile Telephone Service MTS , and the successive Improved Mobile Telephone Service. Next, is the first generation 1G analog cell phone network, then, the second-generation 2G digital phone network, followed by, third-generation 3G broadband data services. Further, came the fourth generation 4G , which has the current prevailing state of art in the cell phone industry with IP networks.

They aid people to stay in a constant contact with their family, friends and in keeping abreast in their daily business transactions throughout the world. Tucker, Laura. Remember Me. What is your profession? Student Teacher Writer Other.

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Mobile phones have changed global cultures, especially for the younger demographic as contact with friends is instant and easily accessible. This essay aims to explore the. The compass of the modern people is the mobile phone. It is used for expressing movement and its direction.

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For a mobile phone user, moving around in the city becomes a series of spaces used for keeping contacts and taking care of things ongoing. People call from certain places to certain other people without the fixed line. This unique technology gives people the chance of sharing information from anywhere. It also means living in real time in the same rhythm with someone. Mobile phone is changing every aspect of our lives.

However there is growing concern of using mobile phone.

Uses of mobile phone Essay

It is my belief that …show more content…. Avoid using mobile phone when driving is another tip. Secondly, using mobile phone can disturb the peace in public. Public use of the mobile phone has been the subject matter of debates on TV chat shows. The debates concern especially social calling, and different perceptions of what counts as unnecessary calls. It is very impolite to answer mobile calls in public place like classroom, some restaurants, or theatres.

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  • There have been both formal attempts to regulate mobile free zones in a variety of public spaces and informal attempts of social control. These methods have been exercised against mobile users. Mobiles being used in public continue to evoke strong negative emotional responses, especially by non-users, and encounter active resistance to adoption. We are tired of hearing the ringing, the loud talk and the content - the inappropriateness of discussing some private issues in public.

    Another problem with using mobile phone is that it is invading people's private lives.