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The mood and direction is evident from the beginning of the Preface most likely composed by Congregationalist Increase Mather , referring to Native Americans as "barbarous Salvages," while comparing the Puritans to "God's precious ones. The manner in which the Preface Mary White was born c.

The family left England sometime before , settled at Salem in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and moved in to Lancaster, on the Massachusetts frontier. Four children were born to the couple between and , with their first daughter dying young. Rowlandson and her three children, Joseph, Mary , and Sarah, were among the hostages taken. For more than 11 weeks and five days,[4] she and her children were forced to accompany the Indians as they fled through the wilderness to elude the colonial militia.

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In , Reverend Rowlandson moved his family to Wethersfield, Connecticut, where he was installed as pastor in April of that year. He died in Wethersfield in November Church officials granted his This narrative describes Rowlandson's experience as a captive of an Indian tribe that raided the town of Lancaster in Following her capture Rowlandson is treated no better than an animal, and has no type of freedom what so ever. Even so, after living with the Indians for some time, they start to treat her more like a person by trading and giving her time to see her family.

Neither the whites or Indians are completely at fault for the death of so many people, it is the clash of two completely different cultures. Although after learning a little bit about each others culture, they start to treat the other with more respect.

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On the 10th of February , large numbers of Indians raided the town of Lancaster. They brutally beat and murdered many of the towns inhabitants and some were captured, including Mary Rowlandson. Rowlandson watched as men, women, and children were murdered in the most grotesque ways imaginable. The first few weeks of her captivity Rowlandson was Everyone, for the most part, is usually good for something.

In this narrative , religion is everywhere. With verse after verse being quoted from the Bible. Some people have many Gods while most have one reining all-powerful being. In the case of Mary Rowlandson , I believe her being a puritan and having the strong puritan beliefs made her more suitable for dealing with the trails she was about to face then say a everyday church goer. Being the wife of a preacher it shows in the text Mary was solidly grounded in her faith making and well knowledgeable The Puritan Belief is one that was quite popular in the colonies at that time.

Major Puritan beliefs are taken seriously.

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The Father was the backbone of Puritan households; he had control over everything and led the family financially and spiritually. Almost everyone on the village is brutally killed or wounded or taken into captivity As she is forced to bear witness to the death of her youngest child, starved, and tortured by the Native Americans, she confronts the issue by realizing that everything she once had is gone.

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But somehow she finds comfort in knowing that the Lord is by her side and he has a purpose in her suffering. But when she is captured, her entire life changes This book has been highly regarded and widely read by Americans since its first publishing in the seventeenth century and has now been published in over forty editions.

Thankfully we are able to view this great work. Mary Rowlandson was not the conventional, white, male, writer at this time and consistent persuasion by her close family members and friends was the only way to convince her to make her story public. Mary Rowlandson produced a structured story that introduced a new type of respected learning for Puritans, told exciting stories of cultural contact and ended with a tale of heroism.

Rowlandson adapt to life among her Native American captors? Rowlandson adapts by eating formerly unpalatable foods, cooking Native American foods for herself and her master and mistress, scavenging for ground-nuts, and trading her sewing skills.

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Rowlandson preserves her English identity by reading her Bible, which provides a framework for her experience, grounds her in her faith, and allows her to employ her literacy. She seeks out fellow English captives as company. What purpose does the unknown minister's likely Increase Mather's preface serve? The author deflects focus away from Mrs. Rowlandson, the second female author published in North America, and onto God. To what extent does Rowlandson's narrative meet the expectations of the preface? While Rowlandson frequently cites scripture and references the power of divine providence, her narrative sometimes exceeds the requirements of a spiritual narrative, placing the focus more on Rowlandson than God.

She uses vivid detail to describe places, events, rituals, and individual people, all of which is unnecessary to communicate her spiritual message but adds to the narrative's entertainment and historical value. Descriptions of the antagonism between Wettimore and Rowlandson, for example, seem to concern Rowlandson more than divine providence.

How does Mrs. Rowlandson's status in English society shape her experience in captivity?

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Rowlandson's high-ranking status contributes to her relatively kind treatment as a captive. For example, she is befriended by King Philip, who tells her she will soon be a mistress again.

Her status as a high-ranking English woman also contributes to her sense of superiority and her discomfort as Wettimore's servant. At one point, she describes Wettimore's behavior as "insolency," which a master would normally use to describe a servant, not the other way around. As such, Rowlandson's high status probably contributes to some of the tension between her and Wettimore.

How do the Native Americans' successes function within Rowlandson's framework of divine providence? She decides, however, that the Native Americans succeed by God's hand because the English are not ready for victory. Before God will bring the English victory, they must be afflicted to the point where God remains their only hope. Once they have found full dependance on God, then God can bring the English victory.

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In what ways does strict adherence to the framework of divine providence make narration difficult? How does Rowlandson manage this? In the framework of divine providence, all human events are God's doing. As such, humans' individual agency and motives, the typical backbone of a narrative, are superfluous. Rowlandson sometimes handles this by thanking God for a Native American's kindness, for her own strength, or for finding a helpful passage of scripture.

A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, by Mary Rowlandson

At many other times, Mrs. Rowlanson lapses into attributing actions to individuals, including herself, or to attributing circumstances, such as the weather, to no one. Does Mrs.

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