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Please contact Antonia Grant if you notice a link is missing or broken. Students must be US citizens, permanent residents, and attending a U. Mange tak!

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Funding is available to candidates in all fields. ASF also awards fellowships and grants to Scandinavians. Application deadline: the Academic Year deadline is November 1, Contact for application. Applicant must be a citizen of a country with which Japan has diplomatic relations Palestine and Taiwan are acceptable and must not be a Japanese citizen. Application deadline: Check website here. Astrid G.

Women in fields where women are under-represented e. This adds to their educational experience and helps prepare them to be active ambassadors for smart lighting and Engineering in general. Examples include lighting and other types of building design, human physiology and health, economics and business, etc. Our industry partners were finding that students graduating from excellent universities were not conversant in the basics of lighting and those who knew something of lighting design e.

We defined a new discipline we call Illumineering to advance understanding of Smart Lighting by differentiating it from traditional Illumination engineering. The matrix we developed was designed for the development of modules for education and outreach, but its usefulness is not tied to any particular delivery approach. Feedback on the matrix is now being obtained annually at our industry meeting, our faculty-staff-student planning retreat, and continuously from everyone using it to guide the development of education content.

One of the key steps in any of our programs is to identify the aspects of the matrix that are included. Mentor training and mentoring activities are also formally included in all undergraduate programs. The Illumineer Curriculum has been very helpful in telling our story.

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The student-to-student mentoring hierarchy helps students understand how to be better engineers in 21st Century society. We also utilize our student portfolios to track student development. They must be seen as essential, not an add-on, to achieve the best results. Linda G. Type of Program: New undergraduate degree program. This was the first new field of study to be established at MIT in 29 years. Linda Griffith griff mit. Their advocacy helped drive the establishment in of a new Biological Engineering Division at MIT, out of which the new degree program is a natural outgrowth.

Methodology: BPEC's Director, Linda Griffith, and former Director, Douglas Lauffenburger, were instrumental in shaping institutional consensus for the creation of the new degree program. The BE major started with just 20 undergrads and has grown in size over time as industry's demand for BE graduates has expanded. Another investigator is building tiny chips with living liver cells to employ in drug testing.

AUC Students Protest the 'Too Clothed for Education' Policy | Egyptian Streets

Still another uses DNA sequencing machines to create models of vast, shifting ocean microbe populations that play a crucial role in the life of the planet. Sustainability: The program is a formal part of MIT's undergraduate curriculum, under its own department. We have developed feeder courses including BME "Biomedical Engineering Practice," a course aimed at giving undergraduate sophomores an appreciation of the complexity and multidisciplinary nature of the processes involved in the development of medical devices and the application of technology in health care delivery. We have developed a series of annual major events aimed at providing our students at all levels the opportunity to network with local biomedical industry representatives.

This has proven useful in helping some of these students find summer internships or permanent positions. By its sixth year, the Center developed and implemented the Engineering Neuroscience and Health weekly seminar series. This course has become another successful mechanism through which students and faculty from engineering, medicine, neuroscience, and biokinesiology are brought together by research and clinical topics of common interest.

Additionally, the Keck School of Medicine at USC has introduced a seminar series on the newest findings in engineering research and medicine that is open to all students. All lectures are available via live feed and are archived and made accessible for future viewing. They are all ongoing and fully developed. The students gain much experience in engaging in interdisciplinary research, complete a full degree s , and increase their engineering creativity and propensity for innovation per our metrics of impacts. The majority of the students taking our undergraduate courses have gone on to graduate school.

Benefit of education essay

We track all students after graduation each year. Additionally, we have an annual questionnaire that includes interdisciplinary impact scales and innovation and creativity scales ECPII.

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  8. We have also developed course-specific concept inventories to measure knowledge in our undergraduate courses. We pair this quantitative data with an annual program focus group that we analyze thematically. We also track all students at all levels upon completion of the program into graduate schools and careers. In addition, students are required to attend bi-weekly program meetings, Center seminars and workshops, present at symposia, and submit a final project paper. Summer research is optional and not financially supported.

    Students participate in both spring and fall semesters; there are no paid summer opportunities. Education research is discovering the benefits of a continuous, multiple term laboratory experience relative to awareness, understanding, and solidifying future education goals such as attending graduate school. Once approved, the program was developed and advertised through Center faculty courses and website. Students apply to the program via formal application, letter of recommendation, letter of intent, and unofficial transcript.

    Students meet as a Center cohort - getting to talk and discuss experiences across all partnering universities - as well as complete reflective writings to increase their awareness of their individual journey through the program. The Center has been fortunate to work with Dr.

    Gigi Ragusa's research team to evaluate global preparedness, creativity, and innovation. Because of the direct connection with industry members and relatively low cost to run the program, we anticipate being able to have students sponsored by specific industry member companies. It is important to create opportunities for students to directly interact with Center graduate students such as in Student Leadership Councils , partnering universities Undergraduate Research Scholars via meetings , and industry members.

    Michael B. Beyond the usual week summer research experience, it provided support for selected undergraduates from underrepresented minority groups throughout the school year. David Kaeli at or d. Methodology: The NELSAMP Program had an application process through which undergraduate students had to apply and specify who they would work with, what type of research they would be doing, and how many hours they would work per week.

    Road to success; "How can you benefit from the education at AUC?"

    If accepted, the student received hourly pay for the hours worked. He worked with professors David Kaeli and Dr. George Chen to develop a four-dimensional visualization toolset and completed his BS in Computer Engineering in He is the founder and owner of Dedual Enterprises, a provider of technological solutions with an emphasis on mobile device development, augmented reality applications, and technical training services.

    They also run a similar program, known as the Gordon-CenSSIS Scholars Program, which gets students involved in research in their freshman year by providing a book voucher in exchange for their successful participation in research. Tips: The key to sustaining interest in research participation is to make sure that a student has resources to refer to for questions, assignments, and feedback. There need to be a few people faculty advisor, graduate student mentor, fellow undergraduates who will check in with the student regularly to make sure that they know what they should be doing.

    Dan Siewiorek; home dept. As a result, the SLC students developed their own "REU-like" program that takes place in both the fall and spring terms, which is funded by the Center. They then match the students to projects and coordinate supplemental activities throughout the term to engage participants. Students conduct leading research that has direct effects on peoples' lives. Coming from diverse backgrounds, students integrate their research experiences with planned curriculum devoted to research, design, and integration methodology. An SLC rep meets with the students regularly to assure that their research interests and needs are being met.

    To assess the experience from the perspective of faculty advisors and graduate student mentors, a separate survey is administered at the end of the program. All surveys are web-based and allow for direct data entry, ease of tracking program outcomes, and electronic storing of the data. The data captured include if, and where, the student pursued graduate studies and where they are employed, if applicable.

    Before the students leave the program, they are asked to provide contact information so they can be reached in the future.

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    Students who do not respond are called and interviewed over the phone. Russell H. Type of Program: Undergraduate research leading to prototype product. Typically, the devices developed are biomedically oriented. In one example, Johns Hopkins University undergraduate students Elen Tsai and Helen Schwerdt, then working in a laboratory of the CISST, developed a glove that could potentially give a blind person the ability to sense color. Tsai and Ms. Schwerdt developed a final prototype, which was then evaluated through a rigorous experimental protocol using human subjects.

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    5. Ralph Etienne-Cummings, retienne jhu. In the example described, the prototype did not go to market. A few other students continued worked on the project. Most of those students are now pursuing PhDs, while one is working for a biomedical device company.