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Writing Research Papers Creative Writing Month Get Caught Reading Month Manage My Favorites. Why Write an Essay Outline? Body Paragraph 1 Set the scene and provide supporting details. Body Paragraph 2 Provide additional supporting details, descriptions, and experiences.

Body Paragraph 3 Provide additional supporting details, descriptions, and experiences. Conclusion Conclude the essay with a recap of the events described or a reflection on the lesson learned in the story. Visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame Introduction Introduce the subject of your descriptive essay with a thesis statement covering the person, place, object, etc. Body Paragraph 2 Provide additional sensory details, descriptions, and experiences. Conclusion Conclude the essay with a paragraph that restates the thesis and recaps the descriptive and sensory details. Body Paragraph 1 Describe the primary argument and provide supporting details and evidence.

Body Paragraph 2 Provide additional supporting details and evidence. Body Paragraph 3 Provide additional or supplemental supporting details, evidence, and analysis.

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Conclusion Conclude the essay with an overview of the main argument, and highlight the importance of your evidence and conclusion. Related Resources. To determine what types of modifications you should make to the essay, answer the following questions:. Answering these questions will help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your paper.

Then, start working on improving those flaws. For example, if there are unnecessary details, remove them. If your essay seems choppy, correct mistakes with the help of transition words and phrases.

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Read from top to bottom and look for grammar, spelling, typos, etc. Expository essay aims to inform readers about some subject with solid evidence. As seen throughout this post, you should write your paper in an unbiased manner and analyze proof you used.

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No spam ever. How to Create Expository Essay Outline. You can use a question, statistics, facts… After writing down the hook, you proceed to the next sentence or more of them which provide background information and the context. For every information you include, you should also have evidence.

Each paragraph with separate topic and evidence supports the thesis. Exposing also means analyzing. Ideally, the paper should have undisturbed flow and transition words , phrases prevent choppiness. Why should readers care about it? Reveal unanswered questions — you can use the opportunity to raise more questions about the essay topic. It's just like an artist making a sketch before beginning a painting.

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Simple lists or text boxes will do. You could also try mind-mapping or using the old-school method of writing your ideas on separate index cards.

An essay should contain a minimum of five paragraphs: an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. However, this doesn't mean all essays should only have five paragraphs. It's simply a starting point. Your assignment will specify a word count or the number of paragraphs you need to include. Be sure to focus on one point in each paragraph, which you'll explain clearly in the first sentence.

If you begin to branch off to another idea, transition to a new paragraph. You should end your essay on a strong note. Tie your ideas together with powerful summary statements in a memorable final paragraph. But you're not finished there. Copywriters know that the first words on a page are the most important. It's often a good idea to leave your introduction for last. With the rest of your paper written, you'll better be able to draw the reader in with powerful language.

The expository essay isn't as technical as it sounds.

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This assignment can cover a wide variety of topics. It's up to you to choose a subject you feel passionate about so you can do it justice.

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