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Thirteenth, Cervantes further shows that the Renaissance deferred to the vernacular, not Latin, as a suitable language for works of beauty and weight. Fourteenth, by chronicling and praising grand achievements of real life men from our classical past, Cervantes not only furnishes brilliant examples of Renaissance men in action he also suggests how these great men merit high-honor in the march to civilization. Fifteenth, to address the lazy spirit that led to the decline of the Spanish Republic, Cervantes tried to encourage a new sense of energy and dynamism by noting the problems of the dissipated age he was writing in.

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Seventeenth, Cervantes also shows readers the Renaissance fascination with the individual human being, thus conveying a humanist approach to the subject of the Renaissance. Nineteenth, Cervantes reminds readers that during the Renaissance people advanced themselves more by their ability than by their lineage. And finally, Cervantes draws in additional readers, like former feudal lords, for example, by showing chivalry yielding to the Renaissance in a funny way.

This, he does, by correcting his misspeech, by expanding his conceptual vocabulary, and, above all, by teaching him to use a precise economy of words so that he formulates what he is or is not going to say with concision. When Sancho Panza, for example, confuses one word for another, or uses one term in place of another, or expresses a mismeaning, Don Quixote detects these verbal mistakes, right away, and corrects them fast.

This, then, is how Sancho Panza not only learns to use the right words in the correct order but this is also how he broadens his vocal range of speech.

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Besides inspiring Don Quixote with a sense of constancy for her person, Dulcinea also inspires him with the courage that he needs to perform many brave acts of chivalry. Since Don Quixote thinks that success in battle comes not just from the strength with which a force is applied but also the intelligence with which smart-power is exercised, his love for Dulcinea strengthens his muscles and elevates his mind so that he bests his foes with a winning strategy of potency plus reasoning translated into triumph.

Besides administering judicial clemency here, Sancho Panza inspires model prisoners to reform their characters by giving funds to the repentant so that their time in rehabilitation is eased a bit. Toggle navigation MegaEssays. Saved Essays.

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More Essays:. Should Don Quixote , a multi-generic text par excellence, be understood not simply as a novel, but as a poem and a performance?

Don Quixote Essays

Cervantes is acknowledged as a supremely innovative stylist, but what was the nature and extent of his debt to classical and Renaissance rhetoric? These major areas of critical enquiry are addressed by ten leading scholars based in British and Irish universities. Each essay focuses on a particular aspect of the novel, and examines in its light particular chapters, scenes, motifs or techniques, while at the same time offering a comprehensive reading of the text.

Taken as a whole, the ideas and approaches presented in this volume contribute to an understanding of Cervantes's art in Don Quixote that balances detail with synthesis. To see how these citations were worked out, follow this link.

After the misadventure with the windmills, Don Quixote

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