Discrimination against the disabled essay

If medical professionals, who are under Hippocratic Oath and have made conscious career decisions to work in areas that require compassion and understanding, are apt to have discriminatory attitudes towards the disabled, such attitudes will obviously be much stronger in the common population.

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Discrimination, as is common knowledge, exhibits itself in a myriad ways, and is felt most sharply by the people who experience it. For many disabled people it starts from before they were born. The Society for Protection of Unborn Children states that prenatal screening tests that indicate disabling conditions in unborn babies often lead to pressure on mothers to abort the children.

Human embryos conceived in test tubes are examined for disabling conditions and thrown away if found to have disabling conditions. Fatal discrimination against disabled people, The discrimination that evidences itself in the workplace is but an extension of various discriminatory practices that disabled people experience at school and in society as they grow up; these practices also often aggravate their condition and increase their discomfort in their working lives.

An article in Socialist Review states that the majority of disabled people are in poorly paid jobs, and are far less likely to be employed compared to people without disabilities. Whilst both disabled men and women earn significantly less than others, their living costs tend to be significantly higher because of needs such as transport, clothing and facilities in the home.

Equal Access, It is estimated that two thirds of all disabled people live below the poverty line. Most disabled people earn far too little to buy their own houses. Equal Access, Even though the article was published 10 years ago, current studies show little change in the situation on the ground. Berthoud, The employment rate for disabled people continues to be much lower than that of people without disabilities, they earn less, and are far less likely to hold responsible positions.

Berthoud, Theories to analyse and explain discriminatory attitudes depend upon different models and thought constructs, most of which have emerged in recent decades. Whilst discrimination against the disabled has existed since historical times, social researchers believe that discriminatory attitudes hardened with the advent of industrialisation and capitalism. Lang, The industrial revolution and the rise of capitalism put an end to agrarian societies, created the need for able bodied men to work in factories, promoted the rise of individualism, and marginalised disabled people as ineffective and unprofitable components of society, who needed to be segregated and cared for, rather.

Lang, Whilst this line of argument, though widely accepted, does not explain the presence of discriminatory attitudes towards disabled people in societies that remained non-industrialised and primarily agrarian until well into the 20 th century, the sudden redundancy of people with impairments in the working classes during the industrial revolution led to the participation of the medical profession in the issue. Lang, The involvement of medical professionals, who were called in to categorise the type of impairment, led to the medicalisation of society and to the emergence of the Medical Model, the use of which continues even today.

Lang, The medical model assumes that a disability is a diseased state, b it is essentially an unfortunate individual problem that occurs on a random basis, c it is the responsibility of the medical profession to treat disabled people d disabled people are biologically and psychologically inferior to those who are able-bodied, e disabled people or their families cannot take decisions about their lives, and that f the medical profession should play a dominant role in deciding upon their lives.

Lang, Whilst discrimination against disabled people has existed from historical times and across societies, researchers feel that the issue was possibly aggravated immensely in the UK by the industrial revolution, the growth of capitalism and the dominance of the medical model. Social attitudes towards disabled people hardened during the 18 th , 19 th and much of the 20 th century and developed into deep rooted prejudice, which evinced itself in various ways of discrimination and oppression, and led to the imposition of great difficulties on disabled people. Lang, Thompson, in.

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Thompson, Thompson argues that three interlinked levels reinforce discrimination and oppression within society. These operate at the Personal, Cultural and Structural levels and mutually reinforce each other to create extensive and deep rooted biases against people. Thompson, At the personal level this relates to individual views and can evidence itself through patronising behaviour towards the disabled, feelings of physical and intellectual superiority, and dislike for the different physical appearances of people with impairments.

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At the cultural level, people can share common beliefs, accentuated by the dominance of the medical model regarding the physical and psychological inferiority of disabled people, along with related feelings about their incapability in handling their lives, and the need to institutionalise and treat them separately.

Structurally discrimination can evidence itself through a myriad of excluding and disempowering conditions like the preponderance of escalators rather than lifts at tube stations, the low representation of the disabled at the workplace, the lack of textbooks for blind people, the presence of separate schools for disabled children, and the widespread lack of facilities for disabled people at pubs, cinemas, amusement parks, airports, railway stations, and even polling booths.

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    Stereotypes And Discrimination Against Disabled Individuals

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    Discrimination Against the Disabled Essay

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